Art classes for Children with Disabilities

Are you a parent looking for an inclusive and fun extracurricular activity for your child? At BeyondAbilities we know how challenging it is to find something that fits the unique needs of your child. This is why we have created that space to offer your child the space to have fun, be creative and feel included. In the weekly online art classes we offer, we will make sure that your child is a priority and that they enjoy themselves. we will explain the activities for each class and in advance notify you what materials are needed for your child to be the artists that they are. At BeyondAbilities we believe that there is an artist inside every child we work with! for more informat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best part is, your child will receive a certificate after the completion of the art program that they have completed an art course! what better than that to have and make them proud of themselves!