Parenting with a Disability Support Group for Mothers

Parenting with a disability has its rewards and challenges, this is why at BeyondAbilities we have created the an inclusive space through the Parenting with a Disability Support Group for Mothers who have a disability. This will be the space for you to make friends with other mothers that are in the same boat as you! in these 2 hour sessions, you will be able to discuss the different stages and situations that you go through with parenting everyday life. You will ask other parents and the experienced program facilitator the questions that you have and come together and share ideas and your experiences with each other! for more information please do not hesitate to contact our administrator and she will be happy to answer your questions and get you to be part of a community where you belong.

After completing the 4 month support group sessions, you will be receiving a certificate of completion in recognition for the skills you learned and this is something that you could add to your portfolio and resume!