Mothering with Mental Health

Being a mother is a rewarding job, but it comes with its challenges. Parenting can take a toll on your mental health as you navigate through the day – to day needs of your children. While making sure that the needs of your children and family are met, you also have to make sure that your needs are taken care of and that you are taking care of your mental and physical health. At BeyondAbilities we want to support you in that and give you the space to do that. the Mothering with Mental Health Support group is a place where Mothers with lived experience of mental health can connect with other mothers with similar experiences and form a community where we can support one another. the support group will meet remotely twice a week and share insight on coping strategies in different scenarios in your day to day, ask questions to other mothers about things you might be experiencing and get their input. The best part is.. you get to make friends and form a community where you feel you can belong! The best part is that after completing the 4 month sessions you will receive a certificate of completion to add to your portfolio for taking this workshop